Donald S. Armentrout

William Porcher DuBose
Episcopal theologian William P. DuBose was born at Winnsboro, South Carolina, the son of Theodore Marion DuBose and Jane Porcher, both of Huguenot descent. In 1851 he entered the South Carolina Milita... Continue Reading »
Thomas Frank Gailor
Episcopal bishop Thomas F. Gailor was born at Jackson, Mississippi, the son of Frank Marion Gailor and Charlotte Moffett. He graduated from Racine College, Wisconsin, in 1876, and then entered the Gen... Continue Reading »
Charles Todd Quintard
Episcopal Bishop Charles T. Quintard was born at Stamford, Connecticut, the son of Isaac Quintard and Clarissa Hoyt. In 1847 he received his M.D. degree from University Medical College, New York Unive... Continue Reading »