George Core

Madison Percy Jones
Madison Jones, novelist, was born in Nashville and grew up on a farm located on Franklin Pike. After military service in and immediately after World War II, Jones completed a B.A. at Vanderbilt Univer... Continue Reading »
Randall Stewart
Writer and editor Randall Stewart was born in Fayetteville in 1896. In 1898 his family moved to Nashville, where he grew up and was educated through his undergraduate years at Vanderbilt, from which h... Continue Reading »
John O. Allen Tate
Allen Tate, teacher, writer, poet, and critic, was associated with Tennessee for most of his life and lived in the state for long periods, especially during his college years at Vanderbilt University ... Continue Reading »
The Sewanee Review
The Sewanee Review, founded by William Peterfield Trent in 1892 at the University of the South in Sewanee, is the nation's oldest continuously published quarterly. It changed from a general journ... Continue Reading »