Harris D. Riley, Jr.

Amos Uriah Christie
Amos U. Christie, nationally known medical educator and pediatrician, was born August 13, 1902, the only child of Edna Davis and Frederick Absolom Christie, in Eureka, California. His father, a lumber... Continue Reading »
Sam Lillard Clark
Sam L. Clark, nationally known anatomist, scientist, and medical educator, was born in Nashville on October 5, 1898, a son of Martin and Margaret Ransom Lillard Clark. His grandfather, Dr. William Mar... Continue Reading »
Rollin A. Daniel Jr.
Rollin A. Daniel Jr., a pioneer in cardiac and thoracic surgery, was born June 14, 1908, in Georgia. Shortly thereafter, his parents moved to the Nashville area, and he grew up in Middle Tennessee. Da... Continue Reading »
Ernest William Goodpasture
Ernest W. Goodpasture was a distinguished figure in pathology and a pioneer in modern virological research. He contributed significantly to the advance of knowledge in many fields, particularly the pa... Continue Reading »
Stanley F. Horn
Stanley F. Horn, historian, businessman, and editor, was born at Neeley's Bend in Davidson County on a farm that had been in his family since the eighteenth century. Horn's mother instilled ... Continue Reading »
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
One of the nation's premier academic health centers, Vanderbilt University Medical Center traces its lineage to the University of Nashville and to Shelby Medical College. The latter institution, ... Continue Reading »