James H. Neal

Albert A. Gore Jr.
Albert A. Gore, Jr., environmental activist, forty-fifth vice-president of the United States, was born on March 31, 1948, to former congressman and U.S. senator Albert A. Gore and Pauline LaFon Gore. He attended St. Albans Episc... Continue Reading »
Albert A. Gore Sr.
Albert A. Gore Sr., congressman and U.S. senator, was born in Jackson County on December 26, 1907, the son of Allen and Margie Denny Gore. Raised on a farm, Gore witnessed the loss of his family'... Continue Reading »
William Key
William Key, nineteenth-century veterinarian and horse trainer, was born a slave in Winchester and took the name of his owner, William Key, a Shelbyville planter and entrepreneur. As a child he demons... Continue Reading »