Jane Crumpler DeFiore

Lizzie Crozier French
Lizzie Crozier French, organizer of the Knoxville Equal Suffrage Association, president of the Tennessee Equal Suffrage Association and the Tennessee Federation of Women's Clubs, and state chair ... Continue Reading »
A rich source of herbal and root remedies derived from indigenous American plants greeted newcomers to the Tennessee backcountry in the eighteenth century. James Adair, an early white Indian trader of... Continue Reading »
Sarah C. Polk
Sarah Childress Polk, wife of the eleventh president of the United States, privately strengthened the role of first lady, acting as her husband's closest political ally while publicly dignifying ... Continue Reading »
TennCare, initiated by Governor Ned Ray McWherter on January 1, 1994, replaced the jointly federal- and state-funded Medicaid program in Tennessee. TennCare's mission was twofold: to cut costs an... Continue Reading »
University of Tennessee Medical Center at Knoxville
Fifty-four years after the city-owned and -operated Knoxville General Hospital opened in 1902, it was replaced by the University of Tennessee Memorial Research Center and Hospital. A number of forces ... Continue Reading »