John E. Harkins

Fort San Fernando
Continuous settlement of the Fourth Chickasaw Bluff, the site of Memphis, dates at least from Spain's founding of Fort San Fernando in May 1795. As a co-belligerent of the rebelling United States... Continue Reading »
The Fourth Chickasaw Bluff, which rises high above the Mississippi River even at flood stage, has long presented a logical place for settlement. Though they had departed prior to Hernando de Soto'... Continue Reading »
Memphis University School
The Memphis University School dates to September 1893, when E. S. Werts and J. W. S. Rhea founded the school with seven students and high hopes. The school opened in a city recovering from successive ... Continue Reading »
Charl Ormond Williams
Educator, suffragist, and Democratic Party worker Charl Ormond Williams was born in Arlington, Tennessee, the third of six children of Crittenden and Minnie Williams. She graduated from Arlington'... Continue Reading »