Lynette Boney Wrenn

Frederick William Brode
For over half a century, F. W. Brode ranked among the leading cottonseed products brokers in the United States. His skill in developing markets for cottonseed meal helped ensure the success of the inf... Continue Reading »
Buckeye Technologies, Inc.
Procter & Gamble organized the Buckeye Cotton Oil Company in 1901 to provide a reliable supply of cottonseed oil for the soaps and lard substitutes the company manufactured. Such popular Procter & Gam... Continue Reading »
Dunavant Enterprises and Hohenberg Bros. Company
These Memphis-based firms were among the world leaders in cotton merchandising at the end of the twentieth century. Cotton marketing has been an important commercial activity in Memphis since the 1840... Continue Reading »
Interstate Cotton Seed Crushers' Association
Organized in Nashville in 1897, the Interstate Cotton Seed Crushers' Association operated from 1897 to 1929. It was the second cottonseed trade association, the first having been disbanded in 188... Continue Reading »
Memphis Cotton Exchange
Following the organization of cotton exchanges in New York (1870) and New Orleans (1871), Memphis cotton buyers pushed for an exchange in Memphis. Initial attempts to organize the institution failed, ... Continue Reading »