Susan L. Gordon

“Colored Men’s” Application for Pension
In 1921 the Tennessee General Assembly enacted a law "to provide for those colored men who served as servants and cooks in the Confederate Army." Senator Edgar Jones Graham of Hickman County proposed ... Continue Reading »
Roark Bradford
Roark Bradford, novelist, short story writer, and journalist, was born in Lauderdale County, where he was raised on a cotton plantation in the Nankipoo-Knob Creek area. The African Americans who worke... Continue Reading »
Holston Ordnance Works
Holston Ordnance Works (HOW) sprawled over 6,000 acres along the Holston River in Sullivan and Hawkins Counties around Kingsport, manufactured a powerful explosive for the military during World War II... Continue Reading »
Seeing Eye, Inc.
Seeing Eye, Inc., a New Jersey-based corporation that enhances the independence and dignity of blind people through the training and use of "Seeing Eye" dogs, traces its roots to Nashville a... Continue Reading »