Wayne C. Moore

William Robert Anderson
William R. Anderson, U.S. Navy captain and congressman, is best known as the commander of the submarine USS Nautilus during the first underwater crossing of the North Pole in 1958. Anderson was born o... Continue Reading »
Mark R. Cockrill
Known in his day as a leading authority on agriculture and livestock, Mark R. Cockrill earned the sobriquet "Wool King of the World" from the awards he received for his Tennessee-bred sheep. His succe... Continue Reading »
Corn was the chief agricultural product almost from the beginning of human settlement in Tennessee. Referred to as "Indian corn" throughout the 1800s, the cereal was widely cultivated by the Cherokees... Continue Reading »
Cotton was not an aboriginal crop in Tennessee, nor was it widely cultivated by the earliest settlers in mountainous East Tennessee. Gins for separating cotton seed from fiber were brought into Middle... Continue Reading »
Goodlettsville Lamb and Wool Club
Organized by nineteen farmers in May 1877, the Goodlettsville Lamb and Wool Club has the distinction of being the oldest cooperative livestock organization in the United States. This farmer-owned asso... Continue Reading »