Laura Nickas

Bellevue Baptist Church
Three huge white crosses facing Interstate I-40, east of downtown Memphis, mark the campus of Bellevue Baptist Church. With the center cross standing 150 feet high, flanked on either side by crosses... Continue Reading »
Lloyd T. Binford and the Memphis Board of Censors
As Hollywood produced some of its best films and secured its place internationally as the mecca of movie-making, the Memphis Board of Censors gained nationwide notoriety for its draconian brand of ... Continue Reading »
James Hyter
From 1978 to 1997, the annual Memphis in May Festival culminated with vocalist James Hyter’s performance at the Sunset Symphony. Each year, audiences sang along with Hyter’s rendition of t... Continue Reading »
Orange Mound
Orange Mound, a Memphis community created for African Americans in the late nineteenth century, is a significant example of how “Jim Crow” segregation impacted neighborhood development i... Continue Reading »
Pinch District
The area of North Memphis commonly known as the “Pinch District” has played an important role in local immigration since the early nineteenth century. The city’s first business distr... Continue Reading »
Religious Roadside Architecture
Tennessee’s roadside religion is widespread, varied, and includes much more than church architecture. It reflects a range of religious beliefs and experiences, as well as Tennessee’s cultu... Continue Reading »
L. O. Taylor and Taylor-Made Pictures
The films, recordings, and photographs that the Reverend Lonzie Odie (L. O.) Taylor made of African Americans in Memphis during the 1930s and 1940s constitute one of the unique documentary records in ... Continue Reading »
Trinity Music City, USA
Trinity Music City, USA, was established on thirty-three acres in Hendersonville, Tennessee, on January 1, 1999. The facility is part of the internationally recognized Trinity Broadcasting Network (TB... Continue Reading »