Charles K. Wolfe

Deford Bailey
DeFord Bailey, a virtuoso harmonica player who won fame on the early Grand Ole Opry, has a more significant place in history as the first African American to win fame in the field of country music as ... Continue Reading »
Grand Ole Opry
No mass media event has been more associated with the state of Tennessee than the WSM radio program called the Grand Ole Opry. Not only is it the longest-running radio show in U.S. history, but it has... Continue Reading »
Folk music expresses the oldest and most basic forms of Tennessee music carried into the region by its earliest settlers and usually passed on from generation to generation by oral tradition. Though i... Continue Reading »
Tennessee Folklore Society
The Tennessee Folklore Society is a statewide organization of academics and interested citizens who are concerned with the preservation, celebration, and study of the traditional expressive culture of... Continue Reading »