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“Colored Men’s” Application for Pension
In 1921 the Tennessee General Assembly enacted a law "to provide for those colored men who served as servants and cooks in the Confederate Army." Senator Edgar Jones Graham of Hickman County proposed ... continue »
Cades Cove
Cades Cove, a fertile elliptical valley surrounded on all sides by the Great Smoky Mountains, had already been long inhabited by the Cherokees, who called it Tsiyahi, or "otter place," when John Olive... continue »
Cain Jr., Robert "Bobby"
Bobby Cain became the first African American student to graduate from a public formally segregated white high school in Tennessee during the immediate controversial years of integration following the ... continue »
Cairo Rosenwald School
Located in the unincorporated community of Cairo, the Cairo Rosenwald School is one of three extant Rosenwald schools remaining in Sumner County and is listed in the National Register of Historic Pl... continue »
Caldwell and Company
Rogers C. Caldwell founded Caldwell and Company in September 1917 to market southern municipal bonds. Few investment houses considered southern bonds a good risk because of their historic default rate... continue »
Caldwell, Rogers Clark
Rogers Caldwell dominated southern financial circles in the 1920s to the point that he was often called the "J. P. Morgan of the South." In a career that spanned only twenty years, he built a financia... continue »
Calhoun, Frances Boyd
Author Frances Boyd Calhoun was born in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, in 1867, one of five children of a newspaper editor and publisher. In 1880 the family moved to Covington, Tennessee, where Frances... continue »
Callicott, Burton
Born in 1907 in Terre Haute, Indiana, Burton Callicott spent much his of childhood and his seventy-year career as an artist and educator in Memphis. Callicott graduated in 1931 from the Cleveland Sc... continue »
Calvert, Ebenezer (1850-1924) and Peter Ross (1855-1931)
Brothers Ebenezer and Peter Ross Calvert were successful photographers and painters in Nashville at the turn of the century. Both were born in Yorkshire, England, near Leeds, and studied art there bef... continue »
Cameron, Alexander
Alexander Cameron, British Indian agent among the Cherokees, was a native of Scotland who emigrated to Georgia in the 1730s and enlisted in the British army during the Seven Years' War. In 1764 t... continue »