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Cumberland Gap and Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
Few areas in the United States symbolize the American pioneer spirit more than Cumberland Gap. Crossing the gap meant encountering America's first western frontier and symbolically severing Europ... continue »
Cumberland Homesteads
A rural resettlement community established during the Great Depression, Cumberland Homesteads is located in Cumberland County. This homestead community currently encompasses approximately 10,250 acres... continue »
Cumberland Mountain State Park
The 1,720 acres of Cumberland Mountain State Park once served as the outdoor recreational center for the massive Cumberland Homesteads project of the Resettlement Administration (RA). From 1935 to 193... continue »
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
The Cumberland Presbyterian Church grew out of the revivals on the Tennessee-Kentucky frontier in the early decades of the nineteenth century. The formation of the independent Cumberland Presbytery on... continue »
Cumberland River
From its headwaters in Lechter County, Kentucky, to its mouth at Smithland on the Ohio River, the Cumberland River travels almost 700 miles and drains a watershed of 18,000 square miles. Over 300 mile... continue »
Cumberland Trail State Park
Established in June 1998, Cumberland Trail State Park is the state's first and only linear park, running for 230 miles through ten Tennessee counties and connecting the Cumberland Gap National Hi... continue »
Cumberland University
Established as Cumberland College at Lebanon in 1842 under the patronage of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Cumberland University received a charter as a university in 1843. Except for the period ... continue »
Cumberland University Law School
The "Lebanon Law School" opened its first term in October 1847 as the first school of law in the Old Southwest. Professor Abraham Caruthers was soon joined by state Supreme Court Justice Nathan Green ... continue »
Cummings, James H.
An influential leader in the Tennessee General Assembly in the mid-twentieth century, James H. “Mr. Jim” Cummings was born on November 8, 1890, in Cannon County, Tennessee. He was the se... continue »
Cunningham, Sumner A.
Sumner A. Cunningham was the founder and editor of the Nashville publication Confederate Veteran. The magazine was one of the New South's most influential monthlies and made Cunningham a central ... continue »