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Cantilever Barns
Cantilever barns are nineteenth-century vernacular farm structures found principally in two East Tennessee counties, Sevier and Blount. Their characteristic feature is an overhang, or cantilever, whic... continue »
Capital Cities
Four Tennessee towns have served as the State Capital. Knoxville was the first capital city, from the drafting of the state constitution and the first meeting of the Tennessee General Assembly in 1796... continue »
Carawan, Guy
Guy Carawan and wife Candie Anderson Carawan are noted for their long association with Highlander Research and Education Center in East Tennessee, their work in documenting southern folk music, and th... continue »
Carden, Allen Dickenson
Allen D. Carden was a singing-school teacher and compiler of tunebooks using four-shape notation. He compiled and published The Missouri Harmony (St. Louis, 1820, though printed in Cincinnati), probab... continue »
Carl, Kate Augusta
Artist Kate Augusta Carl is best known for her portrait of Tzu Hsi, the last Empress Dowager of China, painted for the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis. Carl was born in New Orleans in ... continue »
Carlyle Aerostructures
Names for this company have changed through the years, but the early factory site off Murfreesboro Pike in Nashville has not, and the importance of this plant cannot be overstated. Nashville's Ma... continue »
Carmack, Edward Ward
Edward Ward Carmack, a powerful figure in turn-of-the-century Tennessee politics and a leader in the state's temperance movement, was born in Sumner County. His father, a Christian Church ministe... continue »
Carnton Plantation
The Carnton Plantation is a historic house museum located in Franklin. Randal McGavock (1768-1843), builder of Carnton, emigrated from Virginia in 1796 and settled in Nashville. He was involved in loc... continue »
Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio Railway
The Carolina, Clinchfield, and Ohio (CC&O) Railway, best known as the Clinchfield Railroad, provided the "Quick Service, Short Route between the Central West and Southeast," crossing the Appalachian M... continue »
Carpenter, J. Edwin R.
Edwin Carpenter, nationally renowned architect of high-rise apartments in New York City, was born in Mt. Pleasant in 1867. His undergraduate training came at the University of Tennessee in 1885 and th... continue »