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Chattanooga Times
In a lavishly paneled executive board room on the fourteenth floor of the New York Times Building on West Forty-third Street in Manhattan, the home of the nation's most influential daily newspape... continue »
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Roy McDonald was the founder and longtime publisher of the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Originally a grocer, McDonald began the Free Press in 1933 as a small flyer to promote his chain of Home Stores... continue »
Cheatham County
The Tennessee General Assembly created Cheatham County on February 28, 1856, from parts of Davidson, Robertson, Montgomery, and Dickson Counties. The county name honors Edward Saunders Cheatham, Speak... continue »
Cheatham, Benjamin Franklin
Confederate General Benjamin F. Cheatham was born on a plantation near Nashville on October 20, 1820. His maternal ancestors included James Robertson, the founder of Nashville. Cheatham served in the ... continue »
Cheatham, Katherine 'Kitty'
Early twentieth-century singer, actress, and children’s entertainer, Kitty Cheatham was born and raised in Nashville. She was the daughter of Colonel Richard Boone and Frances Bugge Cheatham a... continue »
Cheatham, William A.
Antebellum medical reformer William A. Cheatham was born in Springfield in 1820, the second son of Robertson County's General Richard Cheatham (1799-1845) and Susan Saunders (1801-1864). He recei... continue »
Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art
Cheekwood was originally a monumental country estate designed by leading American landscape architect Bryant Fleming between 1929 and 1932 for the family of Leslie Cheek. Cheek had made his fortune fr... continue »
Cherokee National Forest
The Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee’s largest wildlife management area and single largest tract of public land, is the only national forest in the state. Its origin dates back to the Weeks A... continue »
Cherokee Phoenix
Among the many accomplishments of the Cherokees was the publication of the first Native American newspaper, the Cherokee Phoenix, from 1828 to 1834. Soon after the adoption of the Cherokee Constitutio... continue »
Chester County
The last county formed in Tennessee was Chester County, created by the Tennessee General Assembly from parts of neighboring Hardeman, Henderson, McNairy, and Madison Counties. In 1875 this land was us... continue »