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Davidson County
Davidson County is the oldest county in Middle Tennessee. It dates to 1783, when the North Carolina legislature created the county and named it in honor of William L. Davidson, a North Carolina office... continue »
Davidson, Donald
Poet, essayist, and social critic Donald Davidson played a major role in shaping southern Agrarianism and left a distinguished body of writings based on Tennessee and southern materials. Born in Campb... continue »
Davies Manor
Located at Brunswick, Davies Manor is recognized as the oldest extant dwelling in Shelby County and perhaps West Tennessee. The west section of the two-story, white oak log, central hall plan house da... continue »
Daviess, Maria Thompson
Maria Thompson Daviess, artist and author, was born in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, in 1872 to an upper-middle-class family. Before she was eight years old, her sister and her father died, and her mother mo... continue »
Davis Bridge, Battle of
Davis Bridge was a small yet fierce battle in the Civil War. Taking place near Pocahontas, Tennessee, on October 5, 1862, the battle served an important role in the Corinth Campaign. Had it been a m... continue »
Davis, Anne M.
Anne M. Davis was a native of Louisville, Kentucky, who moved to Knoxville in 1915 with her husband Willis P. Davis, the president of Knoxville Iron Company. She soon developed a lifelong love for the... continue »
Davis, Clifford
Clifford Davis, U.S. representative from Memphis, was born in Hazlehurst, Mississippi, on November 18, 1897, to Odom A. and Jessie Davis. In 1911, the family moved to Memphis, where the elder Davis ... continue »
Davis, Louise Littleton
Louise Littleton Davis, historian and journalist, was born in Paris, Tennessee, one of five children of LaRue Lucetta Littleton, a musician, and Grover C. Davis, a career U.S. Army officer. Davis'... continue »
Davis, Sam
"Boy Hero of the Confederacy" Sam Davis was born on his family's farm near Smyrna on October 6, 1842. A frail child, Davis grew up playing on the land around his home and learned the landscape of... continue »
De Brahm, John William Gerard
John De Brahm, engineer and cartographer, was a native of Germany. A military engineer in the army of Charles VII, he resigned his commission in 1748 and three years later led a group of immigrants to... continue »