Entries that Begin with D

Drouillard, Mary Florence
Born in Nashville on August 23, 1843, Mary Florence Kirkman Drouillard was the daughter of Hugh Kirkman and Eleanora C. Vanleer and granddaughter of ironmaster Anthony W. Vanleer and Rebecca Brady. Ed... continue »
Du Bois, W. E. B. (William Edward Burghardt)
W. E. B. Du Bois was a prolific writer and profoundly original thinker who was influenced by his years in Tennessee as a student at Fisk University and by his public school teaching in rural Tennessee... continue »
DuBose, William Porcher
Episcopal theologian William P. DuBose was born at Winnsboro, South Carolina, the son of Theodore Marion DuBose and Jane Porcher, both of Huguenot descent. In 1851 he entered the South Carolina Milita... continue »
Duck River Temple Mounds
More than eight centuries ago a Native American town flourished atop the steep bluff overlooking the confluence of Sycamore Creek, Buffalo River, and Duck River in Humphreys County. By A.D. 1150 this ... continue »
Ducktown Basin Museum
The Ducktown Basin Museum is located in Polk County at the southeastern corner of Tennessee. The museum documents and interprets the copper mining history of the state. Located on the grounds of the f... continue »
Dudley, Anne Dallas
Anne Dallas Dudley, a national and state leader in the woman suffrage movement, was the daughter of a prominent Nashville family. She received her education at Ward Seminary and attended Price's ... continue »
Dueling, defined as private combat governed by formal rules, was a manifestation of the romantic spirit that once existed in the South. A relic of feudalism, the duel was popularized among rank-consci... continue »
Dunavant Enterprises and Hohenberg Bros. Company
These Memphis-based firms were among the world leaders in cotton merchandising at the end of the twentieth century. Cotton marketing has been an important commercial activity in Memphis since the 1840... continue »
Dunavant Jr., William B.
Memphis cotton broker William Buchanan “Billy” Dunavant Jr. shaped the Bluff City’s commerce and the world cotton futures market during the late twentieth century. Dunavant was bor... continue »
Dunbar Cave State Natural Area
Located outside of Clarksville, the Dunbar Cave State Natural Area contains 110 acres centered around a historic cave that has been a source of legend and recreation since the early history of Montgom... continue »