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Goodpasture, Albert Virgil
Albert V. Goodpasture, writer, editor, and Tennessee historian, was born on November 19, 1855, in Overton County. He attended school in Cookeville and New Middleton, and received his B.A. from East Te... continue »
Goodpasture, Ernest William
Ernest W. Goodpasture was a distinguished figure in pathology and a pioneer in modern virological research. He contributed significantly to the advance of knowledge in many fields, particularly the pa... continue »
Goodspeed Histories
In the early 1880s Westin A. Goodspeed, a successful Nashville-based publisher, discovered that volumes combining local history, biography, and state historical records had sold well in Ohio, Pennsylv... continue »
Gordon, Caroline
Twentieth-century novelist Caroline Gordon was born into the Kentucky line of the extensive Meriwether family in 1895. Exploration of the family's past and its evolution is a major theme of her f... continue »
Gordon, Francis Haynes
Francis H. Gordon, pioneer in scientific agriculture, was born in Gordonsville, Smith County, on August 6, 1804. Though he rarely left Smith County, he exerted a lasting influence on Tennessee antebel... continue »
Gore Jr., Albert Arnold
Albert A. Gore, Jr., environmental activist, forty-fifth vice-president of the United States, was born on March 31, 1948, to former congressman and U.S. senator Albert A. Gore and Pauline LaFon Gore. He attended St. Albans Episc... continue »
Gore Sr., Albert Arnold
Albert A. Gore Sr., congressman and U.S. senator, was born in Jackson County on December 26, 1907, the son of Allen and Margie Denny Gore. Raised on a farm, Gore witnessed the loss of his family'... continue »
Gorrell, Frank Cheatham
Frank C. Gorrell was a leader of the state Democratic Party for more than thirty years and served as lieutenant governor of Tennessee from 1967 to 1971. Born in Russellville, Kentucky, in 1928 to Li... continue »
Gospel Music Hall of Fame
The Gospel Music Hall of Fame is operated by the Gospel Music Association (GMA) Foundation, based in Nashville. The Gospel Music Hall of Fame recognizes groups or individuals who have been influenti... continue »
Government, in the basic sense of a structure or system for management of a group or geographic region, has a long history in the state. Archaeological studies of habitation sites of prehistoric Nativ... continue »