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Houston, Sam
Tennessee governor and Texas hero Sam Houston was born to Samuel and Elizabeth Houston in 1793 near Lexington, Virginia, and raised with five brothers and three sisters. His father, a militia colonel,... continue »
Howard, Harlan Perry
Popular and peer opinion, chart success, and scores of awards for the best of over four thousand songs he penned explain why Harlan Howard was dubbed not only Nashville’s dean of country songw... continue »
Howse, Hilary
Hilary Howse, significant Nashville politician and mayor in the early twentieth century, was born in Rutherford County. In 1884 Howse came to Nashville, found work in a furniture store, and helped fiv... continue »
Hubbard, George Whipple
Founder and first president of Meharry Medical College George W. Hubbard was born on August 11, 1841, in North Charlestown on the Connecticut River in New Hampshire. His paternal grandfather, David Hu... continue »
Hugh Rogan
Sumner County pioneer Hugh Rogan left his native County Donegal, Ireland, and sailed to the American colonies in 1775. Following the pattern of many Irish immigrants, he entered at the Port of Philade... continue »
Hughes, Louis
Louis Hughes, author and businessman, was born a slave in Virginia in 1832. Hughes remained in bondage over thirty years and spent most of that time in Tennessee. While still in slavery, Hughes secret... continue »
Hull, Cordell
As congressman, U.S. secretary of state, and Nobel Laureate, Cordell Hull had a remarkable career. Born to a poor family in the isolated "Mountain Section" of upper Middle Tennessee, he was educated f... continue »
Humphreys County
Situated next to the Tennessee River on the western edge of Middle Tennessee, Humphreys County has a history intimately linked to its location and natural resources. It contains fertile agricultural l... continue »
Humphreys, West H.
West Humphreys was a jurist whose sympathy for and relationship with the Confederacy led to impeachment. He was born in Montgomery County on August 5, 1806. His father, Parry W. Humphreys, was a state... continue »
Hunt, Reuben Harrison
Rueben H. Hunt was the principal-in-charge of one of the South's most prominent regional architectural practices in the period from the 1880s through the 1930s. His career reflected in microcosm ... continue »