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Hermitage Hotel
The last grand turn-of-the-century hotel in Nashville, the Hermitage Hotel was built between 1908 and 1910. It is the city's best extant example of a Beaux Arts-style commercial building. Its ori... continue »
Hertel, Kenneth L.
Internationally known researcher in cotton fibers Kenneth L. Hertel was born in Van Wert, Ohio. In 1920 Hertel received a bachelor's degree in engineering from Ohio State University and completed... continue »
Hibbs, Henry Clossen
Henry C. Hibbs, designer of academic and medical architecture, influenced the institutional landscape of Tennessee in the twentieth century. Born in Camden, New Jersey, in 1882, Hibbs received his edu... continue »
Hickman County
The history of Hickman County began before Tennessee achieved statehood in 1796. In April 1791 Edwin Hickman, a native of North Carolina, led a surveying party into what is now Hickman County. Hickman... continue »
Higher Education
Historians studying the status of higher education in Tennessee in the closing years of the twentieth century can be more optimistic about the future than Lucius Salisbury Merriam was when his study H... continue »
Highlander Folk School
The history of the Highlander Folk School reflects the course of organized labor and Civil Rights movements in the South, as well as the struggles of southern activists between the 1930s and early 196... continue »
Highlander Research and Education Center
Chartered in 1961, the Highlander Research and Education Center is the institutional successor of the Highlander Folk School. The adult education center operates in a considerably different context, h... continue »
Hill, Horace Greeley
Horace G. Hill, grocery man, real estate entrepreneur, banker, and philanthropist, was born in Hickory Valley in White County in 1873. He opened the first H. G. Hill Grocery Store at age twenty-three ... continue »
Hill, Napoleon
The merchant prince of Memphis, Napoleon Hill was born in 1830, the second of eleven children of Duncan and Olivia L. Bills Hill. Hill's physician father died in 1844, leaving his widow an estate... continue »
Hine, Lewis
Lewis Hine was an established documentary photographer when Arthur E. Morgan, first chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), approached him to document life in the region. Recognized as a soc... continue »