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Television and Movie Performers
In both television and the movies, Tennessee performers have enjoyed distinguished careers, as evident in this volume's individual entries for Clarence Brown, Archie Campbell, Fred Coe, Tennessee... continue »
Tellico Blockhouse
This Monroe County historic site was a key federal outpost on the southwest frontier constructed in 1794-95 at the confluence of the Tellico and Little Tennessee Rivers adjacent to the site of the ear... continue »
In the early twentieth century, temperance was the key issue in Tennessee politics. The roots of the temperance movement date to Jacksonian America, when temperance reform appeared in conjunction with... continue »
Temple Adas Israel
Temple Adas Israel, a historic Jewish synagogue listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is located at the corner of Washington and College Streets in Brownsville. Built in 1881-82 and vene... continue »
Temple, Edward S.
TSU Tigerbelles track coach Ed Temple is Tennessee's most honored and accomplished track and field coach. His famous Tigerbelles Women's Track Club of Tennessee State University (TSU) won tw... continue »
Templeton, John Marks
John Marks Templeton, financial executive, investor, and philanthropist, was born in Winchester on November 29, 1912, the son of Harvey and Vella Handly Templeton. He graduated from Yale University in... continue »
TennCare, initiated by Governor Ned Ray McWherter on January 1, 1994, replaced the jointly federal- and state-funded Medicaid program in Tennessee. TennCare's mission was twofold: to cut costs an... continue »
Tennesseans in the California Gold Rush
The discovery of gold in California in 1848 inspired at least four or five thousand young Tennesseans to cross the country. Many of them, rejected for service in the Mexican War because of the overabu... continue »
Tennessee 200 State Bicentennial Celebration
The year 1996 marked Tennessee's bicentennial. In honor of the occasion, the general assembly created Tennessee 200, Inc., and charged it with developing bicentennial programs. Local and travelin... continue »
Tennessee Academy of Science
The Tennessee Academy of Science, founded in 1912, provides guidance for Tennesseans on trends and issues in the sciences. Scholars from many fields interact during an annual gathering that offers dis... continue »