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Tennessee Civil War Veterans' Questionnaires
The Tennessee Civil War Veterans' Questionnaires form an extensive collection of documents housed in the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville and are a useful tool for the study of t... continue »
Tennessee College for Women
In 1905 the Southern Baptist Convention authorized the establishment of a college for women to be located in Murfreesboro and to be known as Tennessee College for Women. The institution was founded on... continue »
Tennessee Colonization Society
The Tennessee branch of the American Colonization Society, which sought to free slaves and repatriate them to Africa, was organized as a debating society in Nashville in December 1829. Josiah F. Polk,... continue »
Tennessee Commission on the Status of Women
On April 5, 1972, the same day that the state Senate ratified the Equal Rights Amendment, the Tennessee General Assembly created the Tennessee Commission on the Status of Women (TCSW). It was to study... continue »
Tennessee Conservation League
To conserve game animals for hunting, local sportsmen organized clubs in Tennessee as early as 1865, beginning with the McRae Club of Chattanooga. The first statewide organization, the Tennessee Feder... continue »
Tennessee Constitutional Officers
The Tennessee State Constitution provides for three constitutional officers: the secretary of state, the comptroller of the treasury, and the treasurer. All three are elected by a joint session of the... continue »
Tennessee Courts Prior to 1870
For Tennessee's first hundred years, justices of the peace were the foundation of the state's legal system. These men, often without legal training, served the citizens in their counties by ... continue »
Tennessee Eastman Company/Eastman Chemical Company
In the 1880s George Eastman (1854-1932) founded Kodak, a camera and photographic film manufacturer based in Rochester, New York. His Eastman Kodak Company was a multinational corporation that soon dom... continue »
Tennessee Environmental Council
The Tennessee Environmental Council (TEC) was chartered in December 1970 as an umbrella organization for groups concerned with environmental issues and as an information clearinghouse and think tank f... continue »
Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation
Throughout the twentieth century, the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation has made a significant contribution to the economy and way of life of rural Tennessee. The Tennessee Farm Bureau grew out of the ... continue »