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Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.
In 1926 delegates and representatives from seventeen of the state's thirty-four garden clubs met at the Read House in Chattanooga and organized the Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs (TFGC). Mr... continue »
Tennessee Federation of Women's Clubs
Organized in 1896, the Tennessee Federation of Women's Clubs was designed to bring together women's clubs from across the state into one organization that would provide communication among i... continue »
Tennessee Folklore Society
The Tennessee Folklore Society is a statewide organization of academics and interested citizens who are concerned with the preservation, celebration, and study of the traditional expressive culture of... continue »
Tennessee Governor's Office
The executive power of the state is vested in the office of the governor, the elected official responsible for the enforcement of the laws, collection of taxes, and well-being of the state and its cit... continue »
Tennessee Historical Commission
A joint resolution of the general assembly established the Tennessee Historical Commission on January 23, 1919. The resolution defined the duties of the committee to collect, compile, index, and arran... continue »
Tennessee Historical Society
Early histories of the Tennessee Historical Society (THS) place its origins in the Tennessee Antiquarian Society organized in Nashville in 1820. The purpose of the society, chaired by John Haywood, wa... continue »
Tennessee House of Representatives
The lower house of Tennessee's bicameral legislature is called the House of Representatives. Made up of representatives from the ninety-nine districts of the state, the members are elected for tw... continue »
Tennessee Humanities Council
Chartered in 1974, the Tennessee Humanities Council exists to bring the study of the humanities into public awareness, thus fulfilling the mission of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) at... continue »
Tennessee in Film
The hillbilly Tennessee depicted in Hollywood films is akin to the romanticized mythographic West of cowboys and Indians. Though there may be a grain of truth imbedded somewhere in the stereotypical i... continue »
Tennessee Knitting Mills
Representative of the many textile mills that opened in Middle Tennessee in the early twentieth century, Tennessee Knitting Mills began operations in Columbia, Tennessee, in June 1931 as Massachusetts... continue »