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Tennessee Lunatic Asylum
The movement for an asylum in Tennessee arose in the context of the nationwide reforming furor associated with the Second Great Awakening. The asylum movement in America built its ideological argument... continue »
Tennessee Main Street Program
The Tennessee Main Street Program grew out of a late-1970s national effort to revitalize historic business districts in American small towns and cities. The National Trust for Historic Preservation,... continue »
Tennessee Manual Labor University
Despite opposition from local whites and without northern missionary help, leaders in the Gay Street Colored Christian (Disciples of Christ) Church in Nashville established Tennessee Manual Labor Univ... continue »
Tennessee Medical Association
The Tennessee Medical Association (TMA) is a 6,800-member professional organization for medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy dedicated to protecting the health care interests of patients and enha... continue »
Tennessee Ornithological Society
Founded in Nashville in October 1915, the Tennessee Ornithological Society (TOS) is an independent, nonprofit, educational, scientific organization dedicated to the study and conservation of birds. Th... continue »
Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation
Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation is a statewide non-profit organization that seeks to conserve and protect Tennessee’s rich heritage and natural resources. The Tennessee Parks and Greenw... continue »
Tennessee Presidents Trust
Founded in 1989 as a service organization of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, the Tennessee Presidents Trust supports financially the work of a unique documentary editing center dedicated to th... continue »
Tennessee Prison System
Section 32 of the Tennessee Constitution states that "the erection of safe and comfortable prisons, the inspection of prisons, and the humane treatment of prisoners, shall be provided for." In 1796 th... continue »
Tennessee Public Service Commission
Regulation of railroads, common carriers, and public utilities in Tennessee has followed not only development in the technological and economic structures of those industries, but changes in general p... continue »
Tennessee River System
The Tennessee River system covers 41,000 square miles, draining portions of sixty Tennessee counties and seven states. The Tennessee River is the largest tributary to the Ohio River and is its equal i... continue »